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The M-Sport Poland-built Fiesta Rally3 finished the Safari Rally Kenya round of the 2021 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) on Sunday, braving some of the most brutal conditions ever seen in modern rallying.

Homologated three months ago, the M-Sport Poland Fiesta Rally3 is a cost-effective four-wheel drive competition car built for the FIA’s new Rally3 category, providing the perfect introduction to four-wheel drive rallying.

The renowned Safari Rally Kenya made its return to the WRC calendar this year after an almost 20-year absence, bringing back legendary views of Africa’s jaw-dropping and wildlife-filled landscapes. The scenery wasn’t all that returned with Safari Rally’s 2021 event, the rally itself was still just as brutal and physically taxing on both car and driver as when it last ran, providing the Fiesta Rally3’s toughest test to date.

Deep sand as fine as powder, strewn with rally-ending rocks and aggressively undulating narrow roads awaited 53 cars on this year’s Safari Rally with over half of the field not making it to the finish. The Fiesta Rally3 underlined its fundamental build strength and reliability, making it to the finish of the Kenyan classic in 16th overall.

Reliability and strength weren’t the only key characteristics highlighted by the toughest stages in WRC so far this year, the performance of the EcoBoost-powered Fiesta Rally3 was demonstrated by the capable hands of Kenyan driver Jeremy Wahome. He navigated Kenya’s harsh stages to consistently deliver top-20 stage times, taking on experienced locals in Rally2 cars while solidly beating Group N cars in the timesheets to eventually take the ceremonial finish in 16th Overall.

M-Sport Poland Managing Director, Maciej Woda, said:

“Safari Rally Kenya has been an absolute adventure that we at M-Sport Poland will never forget. It’s quite nice to be celebrating three months since we received confirmation of homologation for the Fiesta Rally3 that has just finished the toughest event in the WRC. When I first saw the stages from pictures and videos, I did think this is going to be tough, especially for the Fiesta Rally3 which is an entry-level four-wheel drive car. To see Jeremy steering this car on stages we couldn’t imagine in Europe and to be finishing inside the top 20 with 53 entries is nothing short of remarkable and a resounding endorsement for the Fiesta Rally3. I think it’s also worth pointing out that half of the field didn’t make it to finish, most of which were much bigger and capable cars so this is quite a David and Goliath moment for us which we should be very proud of. I would also like to add a huge amount of thanks to the M-Sport Poland team for all of their hard work and effort. The organisers of Safari Rally Kenya, WRC Promoter and FIA deserve a round of applause and standing ovation for such a fantastic event, their passion, enthusiasm and determination has been felt all around. We have to come back here, I have never seen crowds quite like it!”